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Orange polycord has an 85A durometer perfect for divert applications (when transferring items or boxes between two or three conveyors). Green polycord is for lightweight material handling (88A to 90A durometer). High-tension polycord comes in various colors, including blue, green, and red. Often, it has an 88A durometer, making it perfect for ...

Polycord and Poly V Belts from Stevens Belting

Poly/Flex Green Smooth Surface Finish – 18mm Diameter. Polycord Belting comes in various shapes, colours, material and thicknesses and is usually sold per metre. Vee Belts have perhaps an even wider range of applications, …

Bi-line Systems

bi-line poly cord conveyor. the poly cord belt is an excellent and economical choice when only trays are being used. it can be used in high or low volumes depending on the length of the run. bi-line uses a high strength rubber polyurethane cord with a reinforced nylon cord in the core. the cord runs along high strength uhmw plastic guides and ...

Polycord Conveyor

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Polycord Tray Makeup Conveyor Archives

Polycord Tray Makeup Conveyor; Powered Roller Conveyor; Scrapping Dish Table; Slat Belt Conveyor Parts; Tite-Turn Unloader; Tray Accumulator Conveyor; Contact Us. North America (Toll Free): 1 888 774 1616 International: 1 905 363 6999. Aerowerks. 6625 Millcreek Drive, Mississauga, ON - L5N 5M4

Polycord® & Polycord®-like belts and belting

Polycord® is Habasit''s trademark name for its rough green thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) round belting cord. It is an excellent, high quality belting cord. DuraBelt makes belts from Polycord® cord that it purchases or is provided by …

Polyurethane Belt Welding Kit | Polycord Welding Kit

2022-3-24 · J100 B Clamp – for large round belts and flat belts up to 4.5" wide. J25 Clamp – for V-Belts up to C sections. Cord Driller – removes cording from reinforced belts. Large Belt Cutter (Dawn) 40 Watt Hot Knife with Blade (Teflon coated) 80-100 Watt Hot Knife with Blade (Teflon coated) 130 Watt Hot Knife with Blade (Teflon coated)


Conveyor Logistics Ltd. In a dynamic and rapidly changing industry of export/import logistics in Bangladesh, Conveyor Logistics Limited (CLL) has emerged, through 21 years of experience, as the country''s leading logistics management company. Our journey began in 1998, and since then we have evolved into a comprehensive one-stop service ...


Conveyor Group consists of Nine wholly owned subsidiary companies that together present a progressive logistics management and consultation service to companies in Bangladesh. Since its start 22 years ago, Conveyor Group has worked in strong and effective partnerships with its clientele, bringing forward a comprehensive package of services.

Conveyor Polycord

Conveyor Polycord, ATC Solutions - Based in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia, the company specializes in AC & DC drives, servo drives, PLC, HMI and industrial supplies of the electrical and automation parts in most of the brands in the market.

Polycord Round Belts (POLYCORD 6MM)

Habasit''s Polycord Series is made of a very flexible high-quality polyurethane. They can be used as power transmission belts, for transmission of motion and occasionally as V-Belt substitutes. Because of their high flexibility, they can act as security elements by reducing shocks and overloads, and they are directionally adjustable as well. They are resistant to water, oiles, …

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